“Rethinking the way in which real estate markets should be doing business.”

MarketTrade is a response to accommodate requests from players in the South African real estate market, looking for an openly assessable marketing and asset trading environment.

The MarketTrade trading environment is provided to investors, sellers and service providers at zero cost.

MarketTrade’s focused intention is to deliver greater efficiencies and alignment within the market with Prop-Tech providing the ideal mechanism to match investors with opportunity and traders with investors. MarketTrade launches with an activity focus in South Africa, the UK and Europe.

Industry service providers are encouraged to list their offerings in “Post a Service”. Listings are provided by MarketTrade at zero cost.

MarketTrade is funded by a single sponsor resulting in a zero cost offering to participants. There are no listing, membership, subscription or success fees or costs of any nature whatsoever. This gives MarketTrade the independence to determine and maintain standards. The sole sponsor will have confidential access to MarketTrade data which they may utilise only for their own internal benefit and that of the participating investor. The sponsor will be legally prohibited from distributing any information and or from utilising such for any purpose other than its core business activity which activity does not compete with the real estate business of the MarketTrade participant.

MarketTrade is an innovation of Docklands Technologies. In line with its strategy of “Rethinking the way in which real estate markets should be doing business”, Docklands is invested in a number of PropTech platforms including, and

I hope that you find MarketTrade to be a welcome addition to your business and its activity. Should you wish to discuss any aspect of this business or related opportunity within the real estate sector, please contact me.

Kind regards

Mark Bradford
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MarketTrade – is a Docklands Properties product. Docklands is the operating incubator for my real estate interests and activities.
Together with it’s local and international partners Docklands is building and delivering on three service platforms- Docklands Trading, Docklands Consulting and Docklands Technologies. []